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A & E Campian Dental Laboratory LLC in Toms River, NJ

Our Dental Products are second to none! We provide the most realistic replications from Dentures to Implants. These products are to make your client feel more comfortable in their new teeth, and to make the transition to their new smile quick and easy.

Delivery ServicesA & E Dental Laboratory LLC provides delivery options every day of the week. This service and reliability saves you time and puts our Dental Products in your hands that much quicker.

Custom Shades – ShadeWave, which is a way for our dentists to have direct contact with us, in order for them to send over the exact shade of the patient's teeth. This allows for exact matching.

Digital Solutions – We offer replication from your office to ours. We can see teeth color, shape, and alignment as soon as you send things our way. This quick process is another time saving step that we provide to help you manage your days, weeks, months, and years.